WF013: The Grey Closet Mystery School

by Gregory Mckillop

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released February 26, 2016

recorded at Great Falls Recording:


all songs written and performed by
the artist formerly known as Gregory McKillop
source content can be found in webcomic format:



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Track Name: The Door
Don't cave into courage ache, you can have tools. You can learn to use them at the Grey Closet Mystery School. And when you drown, for the greater good or burn up, just remind yourself: that you never wanted to be cool.
Track Name: The Throne
My hair is unruly, and truly I am not avoiding you. I'm just avoiding speaking unless I am spoken to.I am so tired of brooding and slowly becoming rude: a crone thats tired of crooning, thats a feeling I'm accustomed to. And you will fix my throne, and I will piss and moan, you'll ask: “what is bad for you?”Cut it out everyone, burn every bridge instead of building it. Toxic waters flow out under the mansion bit by bit. We don't match up, so better light something to get rid of this hole, problems escalated quicker than we'd extinguish it.
Track Name: The Mirror
When your sense of justice is all out of its way: and you can feel yourself getting less of a say, it's hard to decide which is wrong or right, whether to trust the pit in your gut or trust the space above your skull. Just find yourself in a mirror and try not to hate what you see, you can fly away: you can be a flame. Just try not to be quite as strong as you thought you wanted to be. So you got little creatures crawling up your spine: messing up all of your joints, and taking up all of your time. List off your depressions and give them a name. Each syllable will grow them wings, they'll take their leave out yourback. Oh don't you worry, youll hear from them again. Once they've concluded their business and you've written down yours, crumble them up and burn them to dust and you wont have to name them anymore.
Track Name: The Reading
Heirophant//Death//Forgiveness//Hermit//Moon. I put the wheel before fire and the ice under horse hoof, but the sun melts the justice away. The horses need fire to temper their rest, it was what they weretrying to save. If fate wasn't faster than the lack of survival, the fire would come as a friend. The day it is here and the night it draws near, these are all the best wishes to send. The wise path would be to turn around, but nobody claims to be wise here. Down, trouble, loss of air, through the neck. Through the hair I am strangling myself deep: with lots of hands around my throat: feeling drowning, im alone. Words cannot coexist, or contain anxiety. Iv been feeling dirty cause everyone is clean, and Im the one whos been cleaning em. Depository: the last one you call when your needing help. Who is healthy? Who is helping me?
Track Name: The Goodbye
Don't call me a success story: I am sadness, I am surrender. I am madness, I am bending so far I could break: oh wait, I already have. When the music tells you to worship his sun god face, and the signals tell you to give all his mountains chase: goats are slaughtered, women martyred to change mens fates. This is what the music does to us. Gods are broken, words unspoken: just another wasted part of life. I am an elder statement that is turned to stone, and I hate the ending to good will hunting cause it says that in the end we should leave our friends behind. So dont knock on my door when oppourtunity comes knocking, and I wont be sad ill just go back to work. Just put on my hat and get buried with the good folk and the gound folk. It's a grave that I am trying to be proud of.
Track Name: The Ending
Am I boy enough, or girl enough, to say all the things that you are saying? Am I a fogged up window with an arrow drawn next to my name? Am I aclaimed enough to name my abuser, and hate all the ways they abused me in public? The hammer is on my crown: death is in my eyes, justice is in my throat: my heart is upside down. Steel tempers my chest: I have so much to learn. My feet are reckless and I dont have a body left to hurt. So tear me apart. I'm so, so glad I'm not one of your strong ones. So go: live in your ivory tower, learning every single spirits name (and origin). Go live in your ivory tower, built on tusks and skeletons. Out of tune with a few of the old names that I used to useto spark what little light I had left. A room filled with candles: light one for me please before you leave a crushing force on my world. Everyone I know is drowning: I cant forget the words, or forgive. I am made of stone, I am not grounded, I am not well rounded. Who built the ghost I rode. The train, it wasn't a curse at first, it was pretty for awhile. It was not hallow like the stones, soil is filling up my bones. Its getting hard to walk. Congragulations god, You won, I give up.
Track Name: The Heaven
The war is over, and I am looking for a new initiation. I've been casting, and I've been walking the same damn circles in the past. I'm done with dwelling: it's time for patience and I am looking for a way to give up all the control I have, and stay afloat. My advice to myself: put down your sword and pick your battles. Don't look up at the tower you have to climb, look at the sky. Cause I know that in my heart my harmonious vehicle is coming: You have to trust me, that its coming, faster than you think. Asthe ocean swims out my back, while I'm losing sleep in all the curses that I learned while wading in the deep waters. The grey colors all the lenses this way. This camera doesn't have a focus, all the piano keys are broken: They called for a wizard, when what they needed was a piano tuner.
Track Name: The World
It's not about being a man or a woman, sometimes it's about just being a goddess or a genderless god. Or a man waiting above the clouds with lightning in this claws to be big or be small. It is a whole lot to take in, like eclipsing the sun with the moon and becoming a ring. Oh you will be becoming a ring. Now how do I stand tall, without taking up the whole ceiling? I am a square peg, in a square hole, but I am curving all my feelings.